These days, with cannabis legal for recreational and medicinal uses, people are giving more thought to how to describe the plant. You'll find people in the business, doctors, and scientists tend to refer to it exclusively as cannabis.


This linguistic transition is one we fully support, and a position we'll explain in more detail. Although society at large may not totally understand what's going on, this is an important ideological shift. To talk about "cannabis" (instead of weed, grass, or marijuana) helps move the industry out of the shadows of its illicit past of propaganda and misinformation.


So, stick with us as we explain why we love the word "cannabis" above other options out there. You'll find out why we ask, "How to build cannabis tolerance?" instead of  "How to build weed tolerance?" And why we make coconut oil infused with cannabis, and not weed infused coconut oil.


If you are already confused about the difference, hear us out.